30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 3 - If you found the magic lamp, what 3 wishes would you make?

Hmm.. This ones hard.

1. I’d wish my parents were stable. Mentally, physically, finacially. I wish they were happy and back together.

2. I’d wish I had my own horse that I loved and was able to look after. (I wouldnt want it if I couldnt afford to look after it). Prefably Jasper.

^ Me and Jasper :D

3. No more war. I wouldnt stop disagreements or people fighting. But I would stop war and murder and povety and starving children, basically world peace and things the world definatly doesnt need.

4. I’m gonna add a 4th because well, I cant leave this one out, I’d have to have a long deliberation with myself about deciding which 3 I’d choose. I’d like to meet My Chemical Romance and be with them for at least an hour just so I could talk to them and tell them how much they have helped me.

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